Summer Programme 2022

Summer Fayre Programme 2022

Summer Concert 2022 10:00 am (Times are approxímate) (Las horas son aproximadas)   Year 2G   –  Poem – Happiness is Sunshine                      Songs – “Summer Holiday” “Blue Skies” 10.15 am Nursery    –   Poem – Summer Summer                       Songs – “Have Fun this Summer” “It´s a beautiful Day” 10.30 am Reception –   Poem – Summer               …

Queen Jubilee 4

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

From 1st June, students of all ages celebrated Queen Elizabeth´ s Jubilee to honour 70 years as Queen of The United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. This was a once in a life-time event that was enjoyed by all. Tea parties throughout the primary school took place. Some staff dressed in 1950´s to represent the decade…

Make way for International Book Day 23rd April

23rd April marks the day to celebrate the love of reading and we hope to have inspired young minds into reading more. It is also the birthday of William Shakespeare so it is a great choice of date to recognise and reflect on the importance of reading. Secondary students were given the challenge to create…


Iván Torres, our year eight student, went to compete in Baqueira this month in the final for young skiers where only the best 30 skiers in Spain for each category were invited. There were 3 races. On the first day, Ivan came 4th in his age group. On the second day, he was the third…

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