Graduation Students


In the 2018/2019 academic year, once again 100% of our year 13 students gained places at Universities for entry at the start of the new academic year 2019/2020.

We would like to congratulate every single one of them!

Here is the list of the universities that some of our students will attend:

Jorge Andrades Retamar: BSc Physiotherapy, University of Coventry, UK

Mario Arroyo Santos: BA Business Management, EADE, Málaga

Carla Barris Rodriguez: BSc Pharmacy, University of Navarra

Marina Borrego MeléndezValdés: BA International Management, University of Manchester

Paloma Inmaculada de Lorenzo Coca: BSc Animación 3D, University of Digital Arts in Madrid

Mario Esteban Murillo: BA Translation with Global Communication, University Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid

Marco Fernández Sierra: BSc Forencic Science and Criminolgy, University of Derby, UK

María José Garcia Dorado: BSc Chemistry, University of South Wales

Carmina García Gavira: Tourism, University of Granada

Jimena García Moreno: BSc Medicine, University of Málaga    

Edward Gewargis: BA Law, University of East Anglia, UK

Elena Gómez Ciordia Tourism, University of Málaga

José Antonio Gruszczynski Pires: Software Engineering, University of Madrid Rey Juan Carlos

Hui Huang: BA Global Communication, University of Hongkong, China

Libby Langton: BA Business Management , University of Liverpool, UK

Ignacio Lauret Martínez de Rituerto: Tourism, University of Málaga

Elena López la Rosa: BSc Applied Psychology, University of Brighton, UK

Jamie William Maher-Lander: BA Business Management, University of Exeter, UK

Reyes Clementina Mata Cifrián: Educación Infantil, University of Málaga

Elizangela Inés Muñoz Costa: Audiovisual Communication, University of Madrid Rey Juan Carlos

María Paola Nicolaci Zuccaro: Event Management, University of Leeuwerden, The Netherlands

Caroline Westergaard Nicolaisen: BSc Medicine, University of Exeter, UK

Chimira Natanna Obiefule: Literary and Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dorian Poltera: BA Film Production, University of Sussex, UK

Maria Shlyakonova: BSc Zoology, University of Glasgow, UK

Daniel Lennart Sinervo: BSc Medicine, University of Oulu

Emilia Slocka: BA Computer Science, University of Paris-Descartes, France

David Solé Conejo: BA Business Management, University of Brunel, London, UK

Emilio Torres García: BA Visual Effects for Film and Television, University of Arts in Bournemouth, UK

Noa Urdiales González: BA Public Relations and Advertising, University Complutense in Madrid

Joshua Jebel van der Wel: BA Business Management, University of Suffolk, UK

María Vázquez Estrada: BA Public Relations and Advertising, University Complutense in Madrid

Carlota von Rein Ramos: BA Art, University London Metropolitan, UK

Oiver David Watson: BA Acting, Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, UK

Yonghao Xiang Wu: Hotel Management, Le Roches University, Marbella

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