AS/A Level & IGCSE Results 2013

examenIGCSE Results June 2013


99% of our students achieved A to C grades in their IGCSEs

39 students sat their IGCSEs

We would like to especially congratulate the following students:

Sophie Carmona Erices:         7 A* 3 A

Marcus Dawkins: 7 A   2 A*

Agustín Spada Jiménez: 3 A* 5 A

Gabriella Dorothy White: 3 A* 6 A

Isaac Bentata Chocrón: 7 A* 1A

Henry James Parry: 8 A* 1 A 1 B

Eremeev Mikhail: 2 A* 4 A 3 B

Francisco Rueda Mateos: 6 A 2 B

Ruby Lucia Griffiths: 2 A* 2 A 5 B

Callum Pollock: 3 A 6 B

Ahmad Baker Berri Trapero: 2 A* 5 B

Hanane Houliche: 1 A* 1 A 6 B

Jakarta Kippax: 1 A* 1 A 6 B

Natalia Sánchez Berral: 1 A 6 B

AS/A Level Results June 2013

99% of our students passed all their subjects and 79% achieved A* to C grades

Most students sat 4 or more A Levels

42 students sat their AS/A Level Examinations

We would like to congratulate the following students, with a very special mention to Adam Ford for this absolutely outstanding results:

Sofía Bryan Rodríguez: Mathematics A, Chemistry A*, Biology A, Psychology A*,

Spanish A*

Adam Ford Gaspar: Mathematics A*, Chemistry A*, Physics A*, Psychology A*

Lydia Phoebe Amanda Lilius: Mathematics A, Chemistry A, Physics A, Business Studies A,

Applied ICT A

Carlos Perea-Milla Fernández: Geography A*, Music A, French A, Mathematics B

In addition, Distinction in the highest grade in Music with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

Ivet Lyubomirova Vangelova: Psychology A*, Spanish A, French B, Literature in English C

Aamos Varesmaa: Spanish A, Applied Information & Communication Technology B, French B, Computing C, Physics C, Mathematics C.

Theo Garfath Gibelin: Music A, Spanish A, French B

In addition, Merits in the highest grade in Music with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music


The school is really proud of you. You are an example for all our students to follow.

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