Graduation Students


In the 2021/2022 academic year, once again 100% of our year 13 students gained places at Universities for entry at the start of the new academic year 2022/2023.

We would like to congratulate every single one of them!

Here is the list of the universities that some of our students will attend:

Saman Abdolhamidi: BA Business Administration and Management. European University of Madrid.

Isabel Alberro Mesas: BSc Medicine. University of Salamanca.

Matías Alonso Muzzillo: BSc Biotechnology. University of Cádiz.

Avril Arias Duval: Bsoc Sociology. University of Manchester. (UK)

Manuel Barrios Moreno: BEng. Computer Engineering. University of Málaga.

Telmo Barris Rodríguez: Bsc Pharmacy. IQS-Ramon Llull. University of Barcelona.

Ubaldo Bartolomé Caridad: BSc Mathematics. Vrije Universiteit. Amsterdam.

Nan Chen Wei: BSc Biochemistry. Imperial College London. (UK)

Nadia Cillóniz Andrés: BA Business Administration and Management. CEU Madrid.

Arturo Cortés Porras: BSc General Engineering. DTU University of Denmark.

Nicolás Cuevas Fernández: Global Bachelor´s Degree in International Business. European University of Madrid.

Jennifer Catherine Daly:  BA Marketing and Sales. University of Galway (Ireland).

Isabel Domínguez Cerezo: BA Law. University of Málaga.

David Estrada Sardaña: BA Public Relations and Advertising. University of Málaga.

Eduardo Alfonso Gómez García: BSc Urban Planning. University of Granada.

Román Gómez Tirado: BSc Marketing and Market Research. University of Cádiz.

Mateo Nicolás Haack Vicente: BA International Business Administration. EDHEC Business School. Paris.

Ben Huang: BSc Biochemistry. University of Warwick. (UK)

María Abril Manso Heinonen: Joint Hons. BA Business Administration and Management and law. Complutense University of Madrid.

Amirhossein Mansouri Babhoutik: BA International Business. Marbella International University Centre.

María Martínez Leal: BSc Nursing. University of Granada.

Kyle Eamon Mc Cann:  BA Sports Coaching and Business Management.  IT Carlow College (Ireland).

Juan Antonio Méndez Felip: BA Hispanic Studies. University of Granada.

Pedro Moreno Griskevich: BA Marketing and Market Research. University of Cádiz.

Helena Owji: BASS Sociology and Criminology. University of Sheffield. (UK)

Carla Roxanne Porteret: BA International Business Administration. UVA University of Amsterdam.

Mia Elina Sagripanti: BA Interior Design. ESNE. Madrid.

Angelica Arievna Singh: The Málaga College of Hospitality.

Miguel Otto Soria Poblaciones: BA International Business Administration. Vrije University of Amsterdam.

Rodrigo Torres García: BA Global Hospitality. Les Roches Marbella.

Itanas Voida: BSc Cyber Security. University of Northumbria. (UK)

Kai Wall: BEng. Chemical Engineering. University of Manchester. (UK)

Harris Christopher Weir: Engineering. Derwent Training College. (UK)

Bailey Wild: BSc Business Marketing. University of Salford. (UK)

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