School Rules

School RulesThe British College of Benalmádena provides its pupils with an environment in which they can feel safe, cared for and supported, in which they can adequately develop their individual skills, helping them to face the present world in an autonomous and critical way, preparing them to participate positively in society and in the diverse professional fields they might one day have access to.

To achieve these aims, we encourage our pupils to accept responsibilities and to be tolerant, to understand other people’s points of view, to help their peers and to maintain a high standard of work, the best they are capable of.

In addition, they must keep a code of behaviour based essentially on respect towards their teachers and their class mates, as well as on some basic rules that, however obvious, are important to remember:

  1. Students must arrive at school on time.
  2. During school hours, as well as on the school bus, the pupils are the responsibility of the school and their teachers and therefore, they must always follow their indications.
  3. A lack of respect towards teachers or class-mates will not be tolerated at any time.
  4. No type of bullying, neither psychological nor, of course, physical, will be tolerated under any circumstances.
  5. To help their fellow students whenever necessary, to protect the younger ones and be friendly towards everybody is a golden rule for our students.
  6. School uniform must be worn by all students throughout the college.
  7. Children should not bring any valuable items to school. If for some reason they have to do so, they must hand it in to the office for safe keeping.
  8. Mobiles and Ipods are TOTALLY FORBIDDEN.
  9. The school keeps an exhaustive record of the absences of the students and immediately contacts the parents if a child is absent. We therefore beg parents to notify the school of any absences that they might know of in advance, such as doctor’s and dentist’s appointments, etc.
  10. Any work missed through absence will have to be made up, including internal examinations.
  11. Obviously, smoking or drinking alcohol is TOTALLY FORBIDDEN in school.
  12. Students must look after their own belongings and respect others’, as well as the school’s.

Most cases of unacceptable behaviour are spontaneous, thoughtless, unintended acts that the pupil immediately regrets. In these cases, the teachers will correct this sort of behaviour at once.

In the case of continuous unacceptable behaviour, parents will be requested to come to the school to consider the problem jointly with class teachers, form teachers, Head of Primary or Head of Secondary and when necessary, with the Head of the School.

Any student who jeopardises the integrity or safety of others will be expelled without hesitation.

We expect the parents to support us in implementing this code of conduct as we believe that, as in each and every aspect of education, discipline is a responsibility shared between parents and teachers.

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