IGCSE Results June 2016

91% of our students achieved A* to C grades in their IGCSEs. 69 students sat their IGCSEs.

Most students sat 8/9 IGCSEs.

Percentages in the Core Subjects:

First Language English: 94%  A* to C grades with 35%  A* and A grades.

Mathematics: 95%  A* to C grades with 30%  A* and A grades.

Co-ordinated Sciences: 100%  A* to C grades with 67% A* and A grades.


We would like to especially congratulate the following students:


Laura Uronen:                                           7A* 2A 1B

Jasper Kettel :                                           7A* 1A

Alexandra Woodham-Shulman:            5 A* 2A 1B

David Pino Hidalgo:                                 4 A* 2A 3B

Laura Ruiz Pastrana:                              4A* 2A 3B

Jordan Hayes:                                           3A* 3A 3B

María Eva Mellor Ortiz:                        4* 1A 3B

Rachel Daly:                                               1A* 5A 2B

Fibi McGregor:                                         1A* 3A 3B

Angel Malpartida:                                    1A* 3A 4B 1C

Daniel Bosman:                                         2A* 2A 3B


AS/A Level Results June 2016

89 % of our students passed all their subjects. 62 students sat their AS/A Level Examinations.

Most students sat 4 or more A Levels.

Mathematics : 100% pass rate. 50% achieved an A* grade. Only 10% of UK students achieved that grade in June 2016 according to the “Threshold Scores” on the Cambridge website.

Chemistry: 93% pass rate.  31%  A* and A grades.

Physics: 100 % pass rate. 40% A* and A grades.

Biology: 98% pass rate. 25% A* and A grades.

English Language:  100% pass rate. 39% A* A and B grades.


We would like to congratulate the following students:


Caitlin Hayes:  Mathematics A*, Physics A*, Chemistry A*, Biology A*, Spanish A.

Pablo Lauret Martínez de Rituerto : Mathematics A*, Physics A*, Chemistry A*, Biology *, Spanish A.

Cecilia Bosman: Mathematics A, Physics A, Chemistry A, Business Studies A.

Jamie David Strang: Mathematics A, Physics A, Chemistry A, Applied Information and Communication Technology A.

Guillermo Fernández Jiménez: English Language A, Literature in English A, History A.

Sara Jiménez Morales: Literature in English A, Business Studies A, Mathematics B, Applied Information and Communication Technology  B.

Shlyakonova Ekaterina: Biology A, Chemistry B, Mathematics B, Physics B.


The school is really proud of you. You are an example for all our students to follow.

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