AS/A Level & IGCSE Results 2012

03 September 2012


IGCSE Results June 2012

92% of our students achieved A* to C grades in their IGCSEs and 85% achieved A* to B grades.

We would like to especially congratulate the following students:

Lydia Phoebe Lilius: Mathematics A*, English A*, Co-ordinated Sciences A*A*, Spanish A*, Physical Education A*, Business Studies A, Information and Communication Technology A,

Art and Design A

Yannick Sztamfater: First Language English A, Mathematics A, Co-ordinated Sciences A*A*

History A, Music A, French A*, First Language Spanish A

Jake Britnell: Mathematics A, First Language English A*, Co-ordinated Sciences A*A*, History A*, Business Studies A, Spanish A, Literature in English B,

Information and Communication Technology B

Natalie Porter-Bird: First language English A, Co-ordinated Sciences A*A*, Business Studies A*, Information and Communication Technology A, Physical Education A, Spanish A*,

Music B, Mathematics C

Mathew Cassidy: First Language A, Geography A, History A, Literature in English A,

Co-ordinates Sciences BB, Mathematics B, Art and Design B, Spanish B

AS/A Level Results June 2012

96% of our students passed all their subjects and 77% achieved A* to C grades..

Most students sat 4 or more full A Levels.

We would like to congratulate the following students with a very special mention, for his absolutely outstanding results, to Adam Ford:

Adam Ford: Mathematics A, Physics A, Chemistry A, Psychology A, English Language A

Sofía Bryan Rodríguez: Mathematics A, Biology A, Psychology A, Chemistry B

Carlos Perea-Milla Fernández: Geography A, Music A, Mathematics B, English Language B

Alexander Bickerstaff: Business Studies A, Travel and Tourism A, Law B, Spanish B

Alexander White: Literature in English A, Business Studies A, Psychology A, Spanish C

Jesús Gonzalo Pizarro: Spanish A, Biology B, Chemistry B, Travel and Tourism B,

Business Studies C


The school is really proud of you. You are an example for all our students to follow.


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