British Science Week

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Our KS3 students have been celebrating the British Science Week this week through an interesting range of activities in class and visits to the school’s new laboratories.

To kick off the week, students in Year 7 learnt about the connection between what we eat and the effect it has on climate change. That was followed up with the construction of their very own Brooklands gliders (including a few rounds of test flights) and they also visited our new labs to have a look at insects through the microscope.

Year 8 also learnt about food and its effects on climate change and they had the opportunity to build their own gliders, but in their visits to the lab, they learnt about separating mixtures through filtering and crystalizing copper sulfate.

Finally, Year 9 visited the labs to use the microscopes and practice note taking by illustrating their research; also they built their very own electric circuits to communicate with each other using morse code. All in all, it has been an extremely interesting week for science, curiosity and creativity. The kids have learnt loads and they had tons of fun whilst doing so.

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