Summer Fayre Programme 2022

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Summer Programme 2022Summer Concert 2022

10:00 am (Times are approxímate) (Las horas son aproximadas)


Year 2G   –  Poem – Happiness is Sunshine

                     Songs – “Summer Holiday”

“Blue Skies”

10.15 am

Nursery    –   Poem – Summer Summer

                      Songs – “Have Fun this Summer”

“It´s a beautiful Day”

10.30 am

Reception –   Poem – Summer

                      Songs – “What I Love Best on a Summers Day”

“You are my Sunshine/This Little Light of Mine”

10.45 am

Year 1R   –  Poem – Summertime

                     Songs – “On Our Way”

“This is Our Song”

11.00 am

Year 1G –   Poem – If you Don´t Like Summer

                    Songs – “Schools Out”

“I Have a Dream”

11:15 am

Year 2R   –  Poem  – Summer Starts with a Lie on the Fresh Cut Grass

                     Songs – “Lazy Days”

“Fun at the Seaside”

11:30 am

Year 2Y –     Poem –  Golden Sun

                      Songs – “Now that Summer has Come”

“Here Comes Summer”

11:45 am

Year 3G   –  Poem – My Favourite Season

                     Songs – “Dancing with the Captain”

“Bring me Sunshine”

12.00 pm

Year 3R   –  Poem – If I Could Catch a Rainbow

                     Songs – “Cover me in Sunshine”

“Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows”

12.15 pm

Year 3Y –   Poem – Summer is Here

                   Songs – “Reach for the Stars”

“We are Sailing”

12.30 pm

Year 4G  – Poem – On the Beach with Dad

  Songs –  “Our Last Summer”

“Surfin´ USA”

12.45 pm

Year 4R –  Poem – I´m Dreaming of Summer

                   Songs – “Can´t Stop the Feeling”

“Sunny Day”

1.00 pm

Year 4YPoem – Summer Time

                  Songs –  “How Far I´ll Go”

“Brand New Day”

1.15 pm

Year 5G   –  Poem –  Dreaming of Summer

                     Songs – “I´ll be Riding Up Front”

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow/ What a Wonderful World”

1.30 pm

Year 5R   –  Poem –  Apples

                     Songs – “Summertime”

“Dancing in the Streets”

1.45 pm

Year 5Y –  Poem –  I can´t Wait for Summer

                   Songs – “Club Tropicana”

“Wake Me Up Before You Go Go!”

2.00 pm

Year 6G –   Poem – Summer Time

                   Songs – “Mr. Blue Sky”

“What Time is it?”

2.15 pm

Year 6R –  Poem – The Sun is Bright

    Songs – “Under the Boardwalk”

“Feels Like Summer”

2.30 pm

Year 6Y – Poem – Summer

                  Songs – “Chasing the Sun”

“Feels Like Summer”

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