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As a school, we have come together to show solidarity towards the Ukrainian children. On Friday 19th March, we decided to wear blue and yellow clothes representing the Ukrainian flag. It was lovely to see a sea of blue and yellow. A staggering €5470 was raised that day. As well as monetary, material donations have been collected from those who have chosen to donate.
Materials have been donated such as:  nappies, sleeping bags, powdered milk, medical equipment, medicines and plenty of other things that are essential for those surviving such dire conditions within Ukraine.
Apart from the donations collected, Year 7 and Year 8 students have been making bracelets and brooches in order to sell them and obtain important donations for such a crucial cause.
Primary students have participated in a “FUN RUN”, enjoying afternoons running miles in order to gain sponsor money to build on our successful collections.
Up to today we have raised  €19,699 ! With this amount we will buy medical equipment that will be sent to a hospital in Ukraine.
‘It makes us so proud as a school to see teachers, students and all of our staff participating in these heart-warming activities to support Ukrainian children during these upsetting times of violence and war’, said Ms Pilar, School Principal.
We are very honoured and proud to work together as a school community for such a good cause.
We hope to make a difference, even if it is very small, to the lives of those suffering in war conditions.
We will continue to be ambassadors of #Save The Children, as we have been for many years.
Thank you for your continued help and support!

Isabel Domínguez
Head Girl

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