Concert 2

The Music Department held its 3rd term concert

On 14th June, the Music Department held its 3rd term concert. Students from both Primary and Secondary performed, with skilful maturity, on their chosen instruments and the choir sang a beautiful medley of songs. It was a wonderful evening and proved yet again how talented out students are.  

Summer Concert - Concierto de Fin de Curso 2017 - 1

Summer Fayre Programme 2017

Summer Concert 2017 10.30 am (Times are approxímate) (Las horas son aproximadas)   Year 2G   – Poem – It´s almost summer                       Songs – “On the beach” “Surfin´ USA”    Year 2R – Poem – Great hope and expectations                      Songs – “Beyond the sea” “Count on me”…


The company that cooks our pupils’ meals on our premises (we do not use a catering service) organises “theme days” in our dining room, throughout the school year, for the infant and primary children. During those days a presenter comes to the school to organise the activities for that special day in the dining room….

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