Carnival 2018 6

Carnival Party

On 23rd February, we held a Carnival that all, pupils and teachers, enjoyed so much!



The company that cooks our pupils’ meals on our premises (we do not use a catering service) organises “theme days” in our dining room, throughout the school year, for the infant and primary children. During those days a presenter comes to the school to organise the activities for that special day in the dining room….

Travel Trip 2

Travel and Tourism Trip

On Tuesday 19th December, the IGCSE Travel and Tourism students went on a field trip to Malaga. This trip was organised in order for them to perform a survey as part of their research for their IGCSE coursework. Students questioned a number of tourists in the city centre to obtain the required information. They visited…

Vicente Hidalgo - Year 6 R

Christmas Concert / Fayre Programme 2017

All the teachers, non-teaching staff and management of the school wish you A very happy Christmas and a new year full of health and peace Note: Classes resume on Monday 8th January 2018 Please enter the web page on a regular basis in the parents´ section, as there you will find all the information about…

Summer School 2018 at The British College

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