Programa fiesta fin de curso 2013 – 2014

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Summer Concert 2014

10.30am (Times are approximate) (Las horas son aproximadas)

Years 2G&R – Poem – “A la orilla del mar”

Year 2G –   Poem – One sunny day in Kansas

Songs – “Somewhere over the rainbow” & “Ding Dong”

Year 2R –   Poem – The farmer and the cow man

Songs – “Oh what a beautiful morning” & “Oklahoma”

Kindergarten – Songs “Slippery Fish” &  “Row, row, row your boat”


Ballet class

Guitar Club – “A selection of tunes from the Jungle Book”


Nursery RPoem – Fly, Fly the Butterfly

Songs – “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” & “Being Friends”

Nursery G – Poem – Introduction to songs

Songs – “We all go travelling by” & “Hooray, hooray it’s a holi-holiday”


Primary Drama Group – Peggy the Pint Size Pirate


Reception GPoem – Friendship circle

Songs – “You’ve got a friend in me” & “I’ve got a laugh”

Reception R – Poem – Poor old Oliver”

Songs – I’d Do Anything”& “Consider Yourself ”


The British College Choir/El Coro de The British College – “A selection of songs”

Violin Duet – Lilly-Marie Cordt and Rachel Daly

Cornet solo – Marcos Arteaga


Year 1G&R Poem “Me voy de vacaciones”

Year 1GPoem – The Moth

Songs – “Dancing Queen” & “Honey Honey”

Year 1R – Poem – I´m not fussy

Songs – “Take a chance on me” & “Mamma Mia”


Year 6G&R – Poem “El verano”

Year 6G – Poem – Best Friends

Recorders – “I want to break Free”

Songs – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” & “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Year 6R – Poem – People Need People

Recorders – “I whistle a happy tune”

Songs – “Getting to know you” & “I whistle a happy tune”


Year 5R&GPoem – “El baño de sol”

Year 5G – Poem – Aliens Have Landed

Recorders – “Look Down – Castle on a Cloud”

Songs – “Castle on a Cloud” & “Do You Hear the People Sing?”

Year 5RPoem – The Mouse

Recorders – “Secret Love”

Songs – “Black Hills of Dakota” & “Deadwood Stage”


Year 4G&RPoem – “El mar”

Year 4GPoem – I wish I was a Pirate

Songs –   “The Beautiful Briny Sea” & “A Step in the Right Direction”

Year 4RPoem – My homework

Songs – “Tomorrow” & “I don’t need anything but you”


Year 3G&R Poem – “El tren”

Year 3GPoem – Betty met a Yeti

Songs – “Steady as the Beating Drum” & “Colours of the Wind”

Year 3RPoem – The Sheepover Party

Songs –      “You are the music in me” & “We’re all in this together”


Secondary Dance Group

Music Works Secondary – “A selection of songs”

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