21st June: An Evening with Mr Shakespeare

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Students give you Drama, Dance and Music to gladden your heart.

What a delightful occasion it was! Queen Elizabeth I and the Bard himself were our hosts for the evening and we were treated to a feast of all things Shakespearean.

We were highly amused by the amateur company trying desperately to put on a serious production of ‘Macbeth’, then charmingly moved by ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in words and song.

A Midsummer Nights Dream came alive with the dancing Fairy, mischievous Puck, sweet singing fairies and a special elf, while lovesick Helena moaned about the miseries of love.

A change of mood gave us villainous Richard III wooing and winning the hapless Anne.

Then in a stunning finale King Lear ranted about his pernicious daughters and the terrors of old age, bringing chaos down on the world.

The audience came to their feet with applause as thunderous as Lear’s storm.

Thank you to the entire cast for the laughter, emotion and sheer talent you brought to the evening.


Summer School 2018 at The British College

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