Summer Fayre Programme 2017

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Summer Concert 2017

10.30 am (Times are approxímate) (Las horas son aproximadas)


Year 2G   – Poem – It´s almost summer

                      Songs – “On the beach”

“Surfin´ USA”


 Year 2R – Poem – Great hope and expectations

                     Songs – “Beyond the sea”

“Count on me”


Year 2Y – Poem – Summer time is here

                   Songs – “Bring me sunshine”

“Feeling hot, hot, hot”


11.00 am


Kindergarten – Songs – “The wings on the plane”

“A sailor went to sea”


Nursery R – Poem – Always be happy

                        Songs – “Time to be happy”

“I love summer”


 Nursery G – Poem – At the beach

                         Songs – “Mr Sun”

“Down at the beach”


11.30 am Guitar Club – “If you want to sing out”


The British College Junior Choir

           Songs – Eidelweiss

Octopus Garden



Reception G – Poem – Hooray it´s summer

                            Songs – “Out in the sunshine”

“Let summer roll”


Reception R – Poem – Tiny Tim

                            Songs – “You are my sunshine/This little light”

“Splish splash”



Year 1G – Poem – The little seashell

                   Songs – “Happy Talk”

“Pearly shells”


Year 1R – Poem – Five little crabs

                   Songs – “I am sailing”

“Oceans of fun”

12.20 pm


Year 4G – Poem – On the beach with Dad

                   Songs – “Summer holiday”



Year 4R – Poem – If you don´t like summer

                     Songs – “Summer song”

“Blame it on the boogie”


Year 4Y – Poem – Treasures on the beach

                   Songs – “Three little birds”

“Sunny day”

12.50 pm


Year 5G – Poem –  Summer´s coming

                   Songs – “Sunshine”

“Here comes summer”


Year 5R – Poem – Dreaming of Summer

                   Songs – “The sun will come out tomorrow”

“Holly holiday”


Year 5Y – Poem – Something´s coming

                   Songs – “Lovely day”

“Go for gold”

1.20 pm


Year 6G – Poem – Midsummer´s Eve

                    Songs – “Somewhere in the sunshine”

                   “Can´t stop the feeling”


Year 6R – Poem – Summertime is here

                    Songs – “Summertime”



Year 6Y – Poem – Footprints trailing in the sand

                    Songs – “Here comes the sun”


1.50 pm


Year 3G – Poem – Dear summer

                    Songs – “Feels like summer”

“Sunshine, lollypops and rainbows”


Year 3Y – Poem –  The last day of school

                    Songs – “Under the sea”

“Reach up for the sunrise”


Year 3R – Poem –  Bed in summer

                    Songs – “Bring it all back”

“Walking on sunshine”


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