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The company that cooks our pupils’ meals on our premises (we do not use a catering service) organises “theme days” in our dining room, throughout the school year, for the infant and primary children. During those days a presenter comes to the school to organise the activities for that special day in the dining room.

On 30th January, the dining room was adorned with decorations from Mexico. The cooks, monitors and teachers, as well as the children, of course, wore typical Mexican costumes.

On 29th March, it was the pirates’ turn, so in the dining room, decorated for the occasion, everybody, children, teachers, cooks and monitors, all wore pirate costumes.

Helping the children get used to a healthy diet and to maintain that habit during their lifetime, is also a very important part of their education and will have an impact on their current and future well-being.

Besides, if we ensure lunchtime is not only healthy but fun, we will have reached our goal.

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