Parents from Nursery to Year 6 attended different school assemblies

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A very important part of our pupils’ education is that parents participate in different ways in the school life. This is why every year we invite them to attend some of our Foundation and Primary School Assemblies.  In this way, parents  have the opportunity to see the activities that their children do in those assemblies as well as the strategies that teachers use to motivate their pupils, to encourage them to work hard and always do their best, and to reward them for their achievement and especially for their effort.

Parents from “years” 6G, 6R and 6Y attended the assembly of these classes on 25th January. On 8th March “years” 3G, 3R and 3Y parents attended their assembly. On 30th March it was the parents from Nursery R, Nursery G, Reception R and Reception G the ones who attended their assembly. On 5th April it was the turn for the parents from “years” 1G and 1R and on 21st April it was the turn for the parents from “years” 2G, 2R and 2Y.

Those assemblies, with the parents presence, are a great opportunity to make parents, teachers and pupils not only feel part of the same project, but also feel that working together, any objective, personal and professional, no matter how ambitious it is, could one day become a reality.

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