Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards in The British College in June 2016

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It would seem that receiving Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards is becoming something of a tradition in our school.

Yet  another year, it is with deep pride and satisfaction that we would like to inform you of the achievements of our students who have been recognised by the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards in Spain.

These awards celebrate the outstanding academic achievements of learners around the world who have demonstrated exceptional performances in Cambridge examinations.They top the lists of candidates of the highest calibre and have shown truly outstanding ability.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to:

  • Caitlin Hayes – Highest mark in Spain for A Level Biology
  • Cecilia Joelle Maria Bosman – Highest mark in Spain for AS Level Mathematics
  • Gabriella María Cara Herraiz – Highest mark in Spain for IGCSE First Language English
  • Jasper Philip Honnibal Kettell – Highest mark in Spain for IGCSE History

The awards recognise the dedication, hard work and commitment of not only the students but also their teachers. It is a privilege to have such resolute students in our school and to witness just what conscientious, diligent teachers can achieve.

We are infinitely proud of you all.

To find out more about “Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards” click on the link below:

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards in The British College


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