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On Friday 24th June, in the morning, we held the Graduation Ceremony for the year 13 students.

Every year that event awakes in us two confronted feelings: joy, because we can see our job concluding, as well as the doors opening for a promising future for our students, but also sadness, because we will not have them back next school year with us.

Most of them have been with us from Nursery. We have seen them, and also helped them, grow, mature, change from children to teen-agers, to youngsters full of projects, ambitions and dreams.

Now their parents will continue helping them in their way through life, but although unfortunately we will not be able to accompany them in that new life that they will be starting, it is essential that they know that here, in our school, in their school, they have their home for ever.

We ask them to keep us informed of their achievements and failures if there is any, because they can be sure that in both we will always support them.

Order of Ceremony:

The British College anthem sang by the Secondary Choir.

Speech by the Principal: Mrs. Pilar Sainz.

Speech by the Form Teachers: Miss Boland and Miss Fuller.

Speech by the Head Girl and the Head Boy: Caitlin Hayes and Michail Tumakov.

“Gaudeamos Igitur” sang by the Secondary Choir.

Summer School 2018 at The British College

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