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The company that cooks our pupils’ meals in our premises (we do not use a catering service) organises “theme days” in our dining room, throughout the school year, for the infant and primary children. On those days a cheerleader comes to the school to organise the activities of that special day in the dining room.

For Halloween, the dining room was decorated with “terrifying” decorations that the children fully enjoyed, and the cooks, monitors and teachers, as well as the children, of course, wore typical costumes of that day. Even the dessert was “terrifying”.

On 1st December, it was the circus turn, so in the dining room, decorated for the occasion, everybody, children, teachers, cooks and monitors, were wearing clown red noses, enormous glasses, masks and bonnets, while they were listening to circus music. The dessert was also something special.

On 26th April the cooks offered a Chinese meal that included spring rolls, chicken in soya sauce and

shrimp bread.They brought Chinese hats for the children and a table was decorated with Chinese products.

31st May was the USA day. Cowboy hats, western decorations in the dining room and an American menu that included a special salad, a home made beef hamburger and ice cream made the children enjoy a wonderful dining time.

Helping the children to get used to a healthy diet and to keep that habit during their life, is also a very important part of their education that will reflect on their current and future health.
If besides, we succeed in making the dinner time a really nice time and sometimes even a playful one, we would have reached our goal.

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