Rebecca Maldonado, one of our students of year 12 has been selected as a Global Scholar representing Spain at the 2015 “Global Young Leaders Conference” in the United States

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The “Global Young Learners Conference” is an outstanding opportunity to explore the diplomatic, social and economic lessons of the past, debate the policies of the present and prepare for a position of national and global leadership in the future.

The programme helps the students to succeed in diverse environments with confidence, independence and skill, attributes that are in high demand by today’s top universities and employers.

Rebecca will be part of a delegation that begins in Washington, DC and then travels to New York City, stopping in Philadelphia for a chance to explore the University of Pennsylvania, one of the finest universities in the United States.

It is a great honour for our school that Rebecca has been selected to take part in that extremely important programme.

Well done, Rebecca! Congratulations!


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