Football Tournament in Sotogrande

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March has been a busy month for sporting competitions. On Wednesday 12th March, our students from “Years” 7 to 10, on Thursday 13th March, our students from “Years” 6 and 7 and on Wednesday 19th March, our students from “Years” 8 to 13, accompanied by their teachers went to Los Pinos, Sotogrande, to take part in the Intercollege Football Tournament.

The tournament was a great success, and our students once again demonstrated excellent behaviour, both on and off the pitch.

The final results were as follows:

U11 Boys (Year 5/6) – 2nd

U13 Boys (Year 7/8) – 2nd

U15 Boys (Year 9/10) – 5th

U19 Boys (Year 12/13) – 3rd

U11 Girls (Year 5/6) – 4th

U13 Girls (Year 7/8) – 5th

U15 Girls (Year 9/10) – 3rd

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